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Best Choice

Sadly, our Lincoln passed away in February 2019.  To honor him, we will continue to make videos featuring his unique look at life.  RIP Mr. Lincoln.  We sure miss you.

Hi! I'm Lincoln

My Fav activity:


My motto: Naps are mandatory

My best friend: Sadie, my Lab sister

My Weakness: Shrews

 I hate to brag, but I am kinda wise.  Well, at least I have figured out you humans make things hard for yourselves. 


These videos are here to encourage those who walk on two feet (so weird), to teach you tricks to be more content with life and manage the bad stuff.


Visit this page every so often for a new vid and share this page or videos with all your friends!


Valerie LK Martin

Bringing Hope to Others >>


We are all on a journey, one we are not meant to walk alone.  Consider me a walking buddy and these words as traveling tips.

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