A Normal Day

Wanted to share a little slice life from SW Ohio that happened to me, and am praying such a thing happens to you very soon. Be well, Valerie


This past weekend, with the textbook Ohio fall weather, my husband suggested we go apple picking. America’s #1 ranked orchard – according to those who do such things – is A&M Orchard in Midland, Ohio. That’s Clinton County, just up the road. We grabbed the dog – Lily – and headed out. Seems everyone in a 50-mile radius had the same idea!

We were told that Ohio’s apple crops this year were really pitiful due to late frosts – thanks for one more thing 2020. They only had two varieties. But those trees were full. We trekked to the back 40, walking through a pumpkin patch along the way. Coming to the top of a ridge, I stopped. It was not because I have a boot on my left foot, though my right leg needed a rest. There was before me this perfect scene, especially to a country girl like me.

A two-acre, spring-fed pond. Family sharing a meal in a gazebo 50 yards ahead. All next to another orchard area on another sloped field. Blue skies. Puffy clouds. Cool breeze. Gorgeous colors of yellow, orange and rust starting to sprout. Families all around gathering apples and having picnics on blankets. I began to cry.

Not all out sobbing, mind you! But tears welled up in me from a deep part of my gut. The old man (husband) turns around, concerned and asked me what was wrong. My reply:

It is so normal…and so perfect.

As soon as I said this, a wavy of relief hit me, like I had been holding my breath for weeks, and maybe I have been. I thanked God right then for the bit of hope He gave me and went along smiling to myself as I watched everyone being ordinarily, typically normal.

I have not felt this much like myself in months.

PS: If you go to A&M – take cash.

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