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In my last blog post, I discussed the painful loss of two beloved pets. I am still reeling. During this time, some have wondered at what seems to them an extreme attachment to animals. Let’s chat about it. #ilovemypet

If you do not like animals, you can stop reading now.

If you do not like animals, well, I get why you question this. You can stop reading now. If you like animals, have pets, and do not get it, I would bet you also have kids at home. Our animals take second place to our kids, & rightly so.

For those of us without children who desperately wanted them, our pets become even more connected to us. They are family, not like family. They help partially salve a wound that never completely heals. #infertility #nurturenature

I have always had pets. My dad grew up on a farm, and a life without animals made no sense to him. I inherited that outlook.

They are family, not like family.

There is only a 3-year period where I did not live with an animal – Tom might count, but I will set that aside! Tom and I had just moved to our current house, and our old cocker spaniel Jasmine passed away.

In my world, we grieve for 2 weeks and then go find a new animal friend. It not only helps the grieving process, it as honoring the spot that pet had in your life. It cannot lay empty. Tom did not grow up with this philosophy. (BTW – I do not recommend this for people we lose. Totally different emails please.)

When we found Herbie, or I should say when he found us, it was a day I shall not forget. Our family felt more whole again. Then came BeBe kitty, Sadie Sue the Lab, Megan-Reagan the lab/greyhound, then Mr. Lincoln and most recently Lily Evelyn, a lab/herder mix. I’d have chickens and pigmy goats if possible!

What animals do for me is give me something to nurture. While not completely taking away my desire to mother, they have been a delightful substitute to my dream babies.

So, for some of us, such as a lonely widow, a childless couple, a single middle-aged person, empty-nesters, our pets do more than just make us laugh and feel good. They are companions that help us live through life’s disappointments and challenges. They complete our families. And unlike humans at times, they are always happy when we come home.

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