Beautiful Lights

2017 is well underway.  As I was taking down my Christmas decorations, I was sad about putting away the lights.

We use mostly white in our home.  They brighten up our family room and add coziness.  The light displays at Yuletide are one of the most joyful parts of Christmas celebration, at least to me.

I started wondering why we are so drawn to lights.  Light displays of all kinds pull us in to their magic and beauty.  Maybe it is because most of us have some trepidation about darkness.

For example, I do not like driving in the dark; I do not like the limited vision and deer popping out of no where.

Some people have fear of the dark. The bogey man lives under the bed.  Some of us are startled easily in the dark. Forget scary movies.  It is easy to fall in the dark.   And as granny used to say, "Nothing good happens if you are out after midnight!" (I could argue that point with granny...a wee bit anyway.)

You get the idea.  Darkness represents the unknown.  It can represent evil.  Too long in the dark of our own depression and fears makes the entire world seem dark.

I think we are drawn to  lights because light promises something.  Mostly, light means life.  It is why Jesus called himself "the light of the world."   He promises that if you follow him, you will never walk in darkness (John 8:12).  Not that darkness will not lurk around, but Jesus is sort like a flashlight.  He lights paths and sends the bogey men scurrying.

When we see light shining through the darkness, we are reminded there is good.  Light gives us hope. Light gives us a way forward.  Light is life.  May there be light abundantly in this year to come.  Be well.

Naples Florida

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