Blue Suede Januarys

As kid, I loved winter.  We spent it outside. How do you feel about it?  

These days, I do not like winter so much.  It's not the snow - playing in it is fun.  It's not the cold - as long as it stays in the 20's.  It's the grey.  Here in SW Ohio, winter is usually accompanied by grey skies and brown mud, as we do not get snow cover for entire season.  The color combination could make Santa Claus unhappy.  

I have tried a great many things to combat my winter blues.  The research behind this is great and certain things do work.  Check out my new ESheet: Januarys and Mondays AlwaysGet Me Down.  It has a number of suggestions.

Blue suede shoes
Cool shoes!

One of the biggest keys for me has been to  MOVE MY BUTT.  In other words, I cannot give in to the urge to hibernate, luxuriate, and choc-o-late my way through it.  I simply must do something.  Exercise, which is a tool for almost anything that ails you, is not all that I mean.  

Make plans with friends.  Get out to a museum or a game.  Spend time on an hobby.  Make room to learn something new.  Be outside, if the winter does not bother you.  In fact, those who spend time out of doors in winter are much less likely to get depressed.

I also think color must be added.  Where purple or neon or your favorite red.  Look at art with lots of color.  Color in a coloring book, for that matter.   Wear blue suede shoes if you got 'em!  Have a costume party.

Truth is, only you can help yourself with winter downers.  You can do it if I can do it!  Combine those blue suede shoes with a little dancing, and you are on your way to Graceland!

For a PDF copy of ESheet: Click Here

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