C'est La Vie et C'est Notre Choix

God cares more about…

wet cat in a bath
I'd rather be napping in my sunny spot.

  • our character than our comfort

  • our heart than the works of our hands

  • our attitude than our abilities

  • our obedience than our outcomes

  • our authenticity than our acceptance from others

I am not sure where I found this quote.  I believe it to speak a truth.  I also find it reassuring and disturbing at the same time.

While it is reassuring that my performance and acceptance by others are not measures that ultimately matter, my nature is one that seeks comfort, knocking out a to-do list & trying to please people. And who among us hasn’t tried to tackle the untackleable (I made up a new word) and wished to be recognized for our accomplishments. #untackleable

Here’s the thing: life is often uncomfortable. Our bodies, minds and ideals let us down. We fail or are average at best. Some people are simply not going to like you or respect you no matter what.  So measuring our lives by these standards is defeating at best, soul-crushing at worst.  Maybe that is why God cares more about the first words of this list. #characterovercomfort

My performance & acceptance by others are not measures that ultimately matter

The cool thing about the God I know is that he realizes we are messed up and messy, and he loves us anyway.  The only thing we need to do is receive him and do our best to walk with him. #iamamess #godlovesmeanyway

See, even with all the mess we make, he can use it to improve our character and attitude.  We do not grow these – he grows them in us.  All it takes is being willing (obedient) and real with him and others (authentic).  No striving or going it alone. #beauthentic #willingandable

The best thing is that when we choose to be willing and real with God, he is apt also to give comfort and expand our abilities and outcomes.  As for those who don’t accept us, c’est la vie.

That' s Life and It's Our Choice

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