Change is A-Comin'

Spring – such a welcome change!  At least here in Ohio.  The grey & brown atmosphere of winter fades away and everything feel possible again.  And my dogs cannot wait to swim again. #springhassprung

Some change is so very welcome.  Some we dread.  Some changes really hurt, while with some change we avoid it at all costs.  One of the things you can count upon in life is that change is going to come. How we manage that change can make all the difference in the stress and satisfaction of your life. #changehappens #managechange


So, how are you managing that change? Are you quick to hop on the train of new ideas and inventions or do you dig in your heals? Do you yearn for the good ole' days or see why it is great to be alive today?

Change happens faster and faster every passing day.  Take a gander at the chart below that shows how technology has sped things up.  The more sophisticated the tech, the faster we adopt it.   When I think about this, I cannot help but feel we could hit a wall of human endurance for rapid change.  But who knows.  Those who grow up at this pace may indeed deal with it better than we rotary phone kids. #apps #technologyage

How you face change can make all the difference in the stress and satisfaction of your life.

What I do know is that we must learn to adapt to change, whether it comes quickly or not.   Not only does our contentment with life depend upon it; for some, their health and livelihood depend upon it. #contentment #health #makealiving

It's your choice. Get on the ride or not, the train will leave the station.

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