Finding Rest in a Restless World

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Not getting enough R&R? Seems no one is. Yes, you are busy, but the core reason may be deeper than you think. Why are you so busy in the first place?

The struggle is real! The entire nation is up-tight. You are probably caught up in the fray. What's a person to do to find a bit of peace and rest?

“ What is holding us hostage to activity, work and crammed schedules?”

Honestly, you probably know most, if not all, of our health community's suggestions. #exercise #regularsleephabits #eatright #cutthecigs #plandowntime We understand what it takes to find rest, but we do not do it. Why not? What is holding us hostage to activity, work and crammed schedules?

I have a few ideas. They may or may not be backed up by science - don't have time to look - but I know they are things I experience.

Fear of Failure & Rejection

Each of us has this built-in need to be needed. Our fear of rejection traps us into behaviors that lead to perfectionism, narcissism, co-dependency, over-compensating, and worry. If we fail, we risk much in this world. At work, it might be the axe. #gotfired At home, it might mean anger or worse. #brokenrelationships In our hearts, it probably means we will not consider ourselves worthy of love or success. #isuck

Fear of Not Enough

Another driving fear is this idea that we will not have enough, be it money or accomplishment or recognition or love. We go and go, thinking "the pie is only so big and I better get mine!"

The State of Fear

In today's 24-hour information world, we feel this weight pressing down on our hearts and souls. The world is dangerous. You are responsible for the world's demise. You are going to lose - your job, your spouse, your health. You better do better. #stateoffear

The State of Mind

All these fears and lies lead to a mind full of negative and false thoughts. #lieswebelieve They are a heavy burden. Our ideas propel us to action, constantly, without examining them for truth or from where they come. These lies keep us from true rest and relaxation because we must always be on our guard.

It does not help that we keep our minds over stimulated with electronic input. #damnthebluelight

So here is the routine we find ourselves in: Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions lead to negative reactions lead to fear leads to all the things that keep us from finding rest. And it then begins again!

What are we to do? How do we battle fear and outside influences that keep us in bondage to work and worry and away from rest?


The answer is simple, but it is not easy. Replace the lies with truth. I believe that if you change your thoughts, you can change your world.

The process goes like this:

· DETECT – false beliefs

· REJECT – must be willing to give them up and repent if necessary

· REPLACE – find the true belief

· DECLARE – repeat it, share it, remind yourself of if

The key is you first have to recognize the lies! If you are not aware of your own mind's activity - just floating through the days, come what may and reacting from emotion - you will never even start to fix the problem.

Once you examine yourself & begin to see the lies as they come, you may be able to stop the thought before you have the accompanying emotion. Stop then insert the truth instead.

Example: I miss a deadline. My thought is "What a total loser you are! Can't do anything right!" My emotion maybe anger with myself. My reaction might be depression. Truth might sound like, "Life happens. You are a valuable employee. You missed, but you'll get it right next time."

This type of replacement will lead to responses to life events rather than reactions. My response to missing the deadline might be make amends for the mistake and then move on.

"The answer is simply, but it is not easy."

Now, what I know to be true in my own life is that I cannot do this simple thing alone. I always revert to the negative. The reason? Born with a pout! Seriously, tho, we are so susceptible to lies because we all want to understand our purpose and reason for being. #morepurpose We look for answers everywhere. We are affected by things in our past that created the negative in the first place.

I found the answers to this central need in the life and death of Jesus.

I encourage you to seek that core answer, too. Stability and perseverance can only last if we center our lives on things that cannot change. With this at my center, I know I can conquer any lie thrown at me and any fear that dares to faces me.

Change your thoughts - change your world!

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