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We have a dining room that is not used…well, at least not by humans. It is the domain of our elderly cat BeBe (named after #BarbaraBush FYI). BeBe sleeps in this room; she eats in this room; she does her business in this room. Needless to say, it gets a little furry and funky in there!

Cats, Meow, Crazycat, Litterbox cleaning,
BeBe Kittie, Queen of the Dining Room! If she's a wake, she's hungry & only wants gravy.

I was gone on a couple of trips last month, and when I returned, BeBe’s abode needed attention. But every time I’d look in there, an involuntary groan would emerge from my depths, and I’d tell myself it could wait.

Procrastination. Many of us have made this fella our friend. For some, putting things off until the last minute has a thrill to it. Most of us who delay things do so because we simply do not want to tackle whatever it is.

For me, I put off unpleasant tasks or decisions that might take a lot of time. And I will admit to needing a deadline for a good many items on my to do list – like prepping the spare bedroom an hour before company comes. I see a cleaning theme to my stalling!

Household tasks are usually minor items of #procrastination. However, if we allow it, procrastination can be the enemy of our hopes and dreams.

Science says that procrastinators – chronic ones – have some underlying reason, like the thrill seekers. Some people love the #drama. Others #fearfailure so they don’t try. Others just hate making decisions.

Whatever our reasons, we put things off. We even stall on things that would be good for our lives because we are comfortable where we are. Comfort can rob us of better things & can delay or stunt our ability to tackle problems.

Procrastination and his pal Comfort can even diminish our hope if we allow them to be in charge of our lives. To conquer these foes, we must decide to put goals and dreams before our feelings. #feelingscanlie #feelingsarefickle

Living by our feelings is like a balloon in the wind – it has no control over where it is headed. Won’t you like to be able to say that you taking charge of your life? #takingcharge

Before you can begin, let’s settle a #myth that procrastination and laziness are the same things. When one is lazy, it suggests apathy or an unwillingness to act. The chronically lazy simply don’t want to disrupt their comfort.

When you procrastinate, you are actually still involved with living! You are simply choosing a task you would rather be doing for one that you really do not wish to do.

Procrastination = I pick the easy over the hard or the enjoyable over the unpleasant. Laziness= I don’t do hard or unpleasant.

If you have decided that you aren’t really lazy, but really just need to clean your cat’s eat-poo-sleep room and would rather #SnapChat, check out our #ESheet on Procrastination available on our Resource Page.

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