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Twenty-three years ago, I was a patient in a nursing home and rehabilitation facility. It was late fall when I arrived, and I remember the Autumn air hitting my face as I was quickly moved from the ambulance to the nursing home. I was paralyzed from my neck down due to an adverse reaction to medication given to me while I was in a medically induced coma.

Today, I walked around that facility, looked into my old room, and walked down the hallways. I couldn’t help but think how small everything seemed. The room and hallways were not how I remembered them. I learned to walk again down these hallways, and they seemed like the longest in existence; the physical therapy room didn’t look so big and scary either. I went from a wheel chair, to the rolling walker, to a regular walker, to a cane. I even remember being taught how to properly fall and how to help myself up. In time, I no longer needed the cane, and regained full mobility.

This got me thinking about life in general. Everything looks bigger and scarier before we take our first step. Our dreams and goals sometimes feel overwhelmingly unobtainable. The first step can be messy and unstable, but with determination and focus, we make it to the next step. Sometimes we fail, but we learn to pick ourselves up and keep going, moving closer to our goals.

I know firsthand that success really does start with JUST ONE STEP. Yes, you may stumble and even fall, but remember how to get back up. 

First published on LinkedIn, August 13, 2018. Amy Matney in the President/Owner of Omnicom Solutions Group, a national training and development organization. They offer customized training solutions for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses, and specialize in government training. www.omnicomsolutionsgroup.com

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