Life Lessons from Lincoln: There is Always a Choice

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

2019 has been a rough year in the Martin home. We lost our beloved Sadie Sue to strokes. On the heels of that, we lost Mr. Lincoln. We are without a church home. A dear family member is in his final months of earthly life. Unplanned job changes are a foot. We feel separated from most of our favorite people. Much of this is not in our control. Things look pretty gloomy...if we let them.

I am reminded daily that I have a choice how to look at my circumstances. What I shared, they are all endings. Yet, they are also beginnings. They involve loss. They also involve opportunity. There is heartbreak, but that means there has been love.

When people say they have no choice, they are forgetting about their attitude. How we approach life determines our contentment. It affects our growth and stability. Whether we are talking about big crossroads or daily options, our attitude can make or break us.

Our latest Life Lesson installment is all about choices. Starting in May, you will find a series of posts and ESheets on the topic. While we lost Mr. Lincoln, we have decided to continue these vids in his name. His attitude still has a lot to teach us.

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