My Struggle

I’m struggling. The constant pounding of the news – not even a cycle anymore. The trigger-wire taught feelings. The sling-shot reactions to perceived slights. The incivility. The loss of reasoned thinking and reasonable conversation. The Us or Them, black & white, “no chance I could be wrong” attitude.

The pressure for each of us to be “an influencer,” someone who over-achieves, someone who touches 1000’s of lives, someone who always succeeds in the end. The whiplash of constantly changing world. The stress of a business climate that resembles the great family monopolies of a century ago rather than the optimism of a burgeoning middle class.

The lure of electronics. That blue screen drawing the eyes in and capturing the brain for hours on end. The loss this creates – loss of time. Time no longer spent on learning and growing, only entertaining or distracting. Time no longer dedicated to family dinners or physical activity. Time no longer spent on true rest.

The process of aging. The amount of time it takes to take care. The insomnia and the depression. The harried schedules that leave no room to breathe. The pressure to look 25, act 25, work like you’re 25. The ageism that is running rampant in our workplaces – the displacement of experience and wisdom for the less expensive and inexperienced and often arrogant.

The physical distance of friends and family and the over-extended lives of those close by and the loneliness of this isolation.

The lives being taken by mental illness, bullying, on the urban streets, in the line of duty.

The muddle of a society no longer sure it believes in anything, alongside those that think they have all the answers. One where magnetic north no longer feels certain. One where your values are questioned, your loyalties are maligned, your faith is belittled.

Oh, yes, I’m struggling.


All my hope is in the one who said, “Come to me all you who are weary & burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

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