The Best Stories

Have you ever read a Tale of Two Cities? There hero is an archetype of Jesus. He goes to

his death in place of another so that he may live. #taleoftwocities

Maybe this is why it is my favorite novel. It’s another illustration of what Jesus did for me. If fact, many of my favorite stories have this theme: Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Shindlers List, even Its a Wonderful Life has elements of this. All the best stories have something about sacrifice in them. #favoritemovies

Why should this be so? Could it be that deep in every heart, even the heart of an agnostic writer, is the understanding that it needs rescuing? If we are honest with ourselves, we know that in so much of what we face in life, we feel we are not enough. And it many cases this is true! #notenough

We need others and we need something greater than ourselves to make lasting change.

Do you doubt my hypothesis? Test it yourself. Look at your favorite stories. I bet you will find that the best stories hint at your deep need for something bigger than you are. Consider if that might not just be Jesus...his story is the greatest ever told. #greateststoryevertold

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