The Simple Things

I love the smell of sheets that have been hung on the line to dry. It is a simple task that brings pleasure to my family and guests, and hopefully, aids in a great night’s sleep.  Oh, the comfy feel of crisp, clean, cotton sheets! #sleeptight

Actually, I love hanging them on the line.  There is something about the task that calms me.  The simple work is a simple pleasure.  One benefit of aging is the understanding that simple pleasures feed a happy life.

As I hung the laundry recently, I pondered why this was so.  Why was I enjoying myself so much simply hanging sheets in the breeze?  At that moment, I did not need anything more.  Just the task, the sun, the air, the smell of Gain® and Downy®, the dog lounging nearby, the cat playing with a fallen clothes pin.  It was simply perfect. #PandG #laundryontheline

Simple things slow us down a bit.  If we do not rush them and experience them -  live in the moment – they can be restorative. 

In these quiet moments, we can feel our connection to the world and the maker of it all. It fills our souls with a sense of abundance and belonging. #abundance #belong

I encourage you seek a simple pleasure this week.  Swing on your porch.  Lie in a hammock.  Pot some plants.  Sweep your deck.  Hang some sheets.  See if you discover in that moment that it is simply well with your soul. #simplepleasure #simpletruth

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